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Please note scams swindles the stone foundation of the orphanage!

  • For the orphanage established in Japan, I thank you for your support of everybody always.
    Fraud that talks about the name of the stone foundation of the orphanage, swindle money has occurred. There was a contact from the police, damage report that is issued.

    [Modus operandi of criminal]
    · (Of impersonation) brochure orphanage support of stone orphanage issue of foundation is sent in advance. (Rather than stone orphanage foundation has created, account number of the transfer destination of the donation, address, telephone number of the Secretariat is very similar to, but does not belong to our orphanage.)
    Telephone comes from a person who swindles the staff of the stone foundation of the orphanage.
    · Be asked to donate.
    · It is asked, "there are those who would like to donate, but the person is not put out the real name, I want to lend a name," he said.
    · It is requested "that lend a name. Consuming 2 million yen to cancel. Become a crime is illegal," said then.
    If you have something suspicious movement, we ask that you will contact us contact stone orphanage secretariat of the foundation or the police.
    Stone orphanage Tokyo office of NPO foundation TEL: 03-5740-8814 FAX: 03-5740-8817